Spa Procedure Units

Therapeutic mud-bath with body peat application and galvanic peat procedure
Mineral water cure unit with general, 4-chamber bath and underwater hydromassage
Intestinal lavage and microclyster
Gastric lavage and duogenage
Electrophonophoresis room (darsonval, diadynamic therapy, sinusoidal modulatory wave, superhigh-frequency therapy, ultraviolet radiation, quartz)
Therapeutic fitness
Manual massage
Clinical laboratory
Biochemical laboratory
Laser therapy
Neiro and miostimulation
Natural dry carbon gas bath (CO2)
Charcot douche
Circular and rising douche
Kneipp path

Treatment Indications

Wellness and relaxation
Central nervous system diseases including neurosis, neurasthenia
Peripheral nervous system including osteochondrosis, spondylarthrosis deformans and arthritis, radiculitis, plexitis
Residual effects after injury and nervous system diseases
Musculoskeletal and spinal system diseases including atrophic arthritis, polyarthritis, polyosteochondrosis, endovaginitis, bursitis, dendovaginitis, etc
Gastrointestinal tract diseases including gastritis, colitis, polecystitis, stomach and duodenum ulcer, etc
Respiratory system diseases including residual effects after pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchial  asthma out of episode
Inflammatory chronic diseases of genital organs including adnexitis, endometritis, chronic prostatitis, etc
Essential hypertension in 1-st and 2-nd stages
Endocrine diseases including fatness, pancreatic diabetes

Treatment Contraindications

Malignant neoplasms
Cardiovascular system diseases in 2-nd and 3-rd stages
Cachery, toxic state
Circulatory system diseases
Active tuberculosis
Acute purulent and inflammatory processes
Mental disturbances
Cerebral vein sclerosis
Disturbances of cerebral circulatory system
Consequences of severe cerebral trauma with movement disorders and mental disturbances

Statistic Information on treatment effects

Statistics of recent three years amongst 2000 patients of the Health Spa with following diseases:

  • Diseases of nervous system 726 (neurosis 10, neurasthenia 95, osteochondrosis 350, spondylarthritis 6, radiculitis 200, spinal column injury 20)
  • Musculoskeletal system diseases 545 (osteoarthrosis 180, arthrosis 85, polyarthritis 200, dendovaginitis 10, bursitis10)
  • Respiratory system diseases 65
  • Endocrine diseases 69 (fatness 15, pancreatic diabetes 54)
  • Gynecological diseases 250
  • Gastrointestinal tract diseases 200

Shows following result achieved:

  • 4% of the patients completely recovered
  • 94% recovered and 2% didn’t recover at all and
  • no patient was impaired.

Guests pass 3-5 treatment daily procedures followed by diagnostics.