Mud and paraffin treatment at Vanadzor Armenia Resort

Treatment with mud (peat) is one of the main therapeutic methods in Vanadzor “Armenia” Health Resort with dedicated treatment unit. General and local peat applications are used during the treatment, in some cases with galvanic effect. For that purpose Vanadzor Armenia Health Resort uses peat named “Fioletovo” which is well known for its unique chemical composition, consistence of active organic elements and unique healing capacities. The peat undergoes special processing with special methodology developed in the Health Resort. The traditions of dentistry have been maintained and improved here for many years.

Peat therapy is especially effective in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system.

As clinical and special clinic-physiological and biological studies have shown, sunburn, kinesitherapy, mechanotherapy, massage, mineral water tincture, inhalation, preformed physical activity (galvanic flow), are well compatible with mud therapy.

Galvanic therapy. The procedure is carried out in the form of galvanization, where bags filled with therapeutic peat of 3-4 cm thickness are used, which are placed on the corresponding part of the body, after which the metal electrode is connected to galvanic device.

Paraffin therapy. Heated paraffin is poured into cuvettes of 5-6 cm depth, and the size of cuvette mush correspond to the part of body where paraffin is applies. The thickness of paraffin layer is 1.5-2 cm. Cooled bust still soft paraffin (50-54˚ C) is removed from the cuvette and placed on the corresponding part of the body, then wrapped with cloth, sheets or a woolen blanket.