“Anti-stress” therapeutic program

The program is aimed at restoring and improving the emotional state of the body, reducing nervous tension, and increasing stress resistance.

Recommended duration of the program: 7 or 10 days.


Treatment of acute and chronic stress conditions, astheno-neurotic syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, decreased efficiency, concentration, reaction speed, intensive workload, work without days off and irregular working hours.

The treatment course is especially indicated to office workers. Thanks to this program, you will quickly regain vitality of body and spirit, good mood and well-being. “Anti-stress” well-being, therapeutic and health program will help you quickly recover your strength.


  • Pregnancy

Expected results:

Restoring and improving the emotional state, restoring vitality and good mood, renewing and rejuvenating the body, reducing nervous tension, increasing resistance to stress, improving physical level and demonstrating adequate behavior in problematic situations, creating real conditions for personal development and harmonization, and individual incentives.

The program includes: Comfortable rooms (luxe, deluxe, standard and economy rooms are available), full board buffet meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) by offering diet meal whenever applicable (including nutritional table, depending on the instructions).

Treatment program Number of procedures in 7 days Number of procedures in 10 days
Examination and consultation by the doctor of the health resort 2 2
Magnetic therapy/device therapy 4 7
Contrast shower 1 2
Circular shower-massage 3 5
Mineral water baths (hydromassage bathtub or 4-chamber baths, showers: Charcot, Circular) 3 4
Therapeutic swimming with mineral water (20 minutes) 3 4
Electro-sleep therapy 3 4
Halotherapy/salt room 2 3
Group training (breathing exercises) 3 5
Intake of “Lori” mineral water by drinking every day every day


  • The program is mainly designed for persons aged from 18 to 65.
  • The program can be adjusted by the health resort doctor, taking into account the health condition of the Guest.
  • Rooms are available with either twin or one queen bed. An extra charge of 30% of the price of the package will be applied in case when the Guest stays alone in the room.